Wordle secures spot in New York Times Crossword app

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The New York Times Crossword app for iOS and Android now features the online game Wordle. Along with The New York Times Crossword and its different versions, Spelling Bee, and other games, the guessing game is also captivating. The game, that recently grabbed many eyeballs, can still be played on desktop computers and through mobile websites.

When the word-guessing game was introduced in October 2021, it immediately got popular. In January, Wordle’s creator Josh Wardle sold it to The Times. Users started to protest that the game had gotten difficult, and some of their streaks had been broken as a result of that move.

Despite criticism following its purchase, The Times said that the game helped the publication see a rise in new users at its earnings conference in May, and as of July, it claims that 10% of “active” users have finished more than 145 Wordle games.

The Times has modified the game during the year in addition to addressing the grievances. In order to help Wordle players on the web examine each problem and find the ideal opening word for the game, it released the WordleBot in April.

The WordleBot was eventually modified by the corporation to start suggesting a new start word, and its name was changed to WordleBot 2.0. WordleBot was only accessible to certain subscribers, as amazing as it is. The New York Times has revealed that it will collaborate with Hasbro to develop Wordle as a tangible board game in October.

The game’s integration inside the Crossword app appears to be a simple method to keep it in front of potential players, but others are still concerned that Wordle or some of its functions may someday become paywalled and need a subscription to The Times. Both the desktop website and the mobile app still provide the game for no charge.