YouTube testing out ‘Playables’ for desktops, mobile devices

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As online gaming evolves every day, many companies are now hopping on in the gaming sector. One of them includes YouTube. The Google-owned company has confirmed that it is testing out “Playables”. Notably, this feature will provide a list of games on its platform.

The feature, however, is a limited test where few users will get a new section on their home feed. Playables is said to be available on both desktop and mobile devices. It will also feature casual arcade games like Stack Bounce.

As per TechCrunch, YouTube started focusing on gaming way back through promoting video game streamers. However, this is the first time it will feature playable games on their platform. Currently, though, there is no information on when the feature will be available to all users.

The update comes almost a year after the company shut down its cloud gaming service Google Stadia. Reportedly, Stadia was meeting very hard to compete with Nvidia GeForce Now and Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Google also released Google Play Games Beta for PC this year, using which players can play mobile games on their PCs. As of now, there are not many games available, but the company is regularly making it compatible to run as many games as possible.

Cloud gaming making progress in the industry

While google decided to shut down the department completely, cloud gaming is also making progress in the gaming industry. People who do not have as powerful modern devices to run games can use cloud gaming to play the games they want without spending a fortune.

There are, however, some limitations, as people cannot play competitive video games properly on cloud gaming services owing to latency issues. Another problem is that not all cloud gaming services can compete with each other. This is because players like Xbox dominate the market, as their platform features several popular and exclusive gaming titles.