AIGR Foundation set to apply for becoming online gaming SRB

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The All-India Gaming Regulator (AIGR) Foundation has filed an application for the position of one of the Self Regulatory Body (SRB). With this application, the foundation becomes the fourth organization to do so.

Currently, the All India Gaming Federation (AIGF), E-gaming Federation (EGF) were among the first to file an SRB application. Later, the Federation of Indian Fantasy Sports (FIFS) in a joint association with Esports Players Welfare Association (EPWA) also filed an application for the same.

As per Economic Times, AIGR Foundation is currently under the process of filing an application. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) will now have to select three out of four applicants that will regulate the online gaming sector.

Reports from Tofler reveal that AIGR Foundation was incorporated on July 31, 2023. This clearly implies that the organization is fairly new. Being a legal entity under section 8 of the Companies Act, AIGR is eligible to become an SRB.

Former Indian cricketer, Virender Sehwag, is one of the directors of the AIGR Foundation. The source revealed that Sehwag is free from any conflict of interest and thus, is eligible to become the director.

“Virender Sehwag brings a lot to the table, be it for sports, gaming or education,” the source said.

The source further added, “He has a lot of credibility on and off the field. The government has laid down clear guidelines about needed qualified people from different facets of life as part of the Board, and that is what AIGR is working towards. It is still very early days.”

SRB to preside over online gaming regulations in the country

The Self Regulatory Body, when incorporated, will watch over the online gaming sector of the country. They will also be responsible for selection of permissible or non-permissible gaming apps in the market. Furthermore, the SRBs will look over the redressal mechanism.

These SRBs will also need to include representatives from the industry, educationists, psychologists, child-rights protection activists, law enforcement officials, as well as a representative from the Centre.

While the initial aim was to establish SRBs as soon as possible, however, the MeitY received application quite late. Since then, there were some major developments in the online gaming sector. This, in turn, gave a chance to AIGR to file an application for the position.