Gambling Prohibiton Bill: 48th casualty takes place, Anbumani Ramadoss demands immediate assent of Governor RN Ravi

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In an awkward turn of events, 48th casualty of suicide due to online gaming has taken place in the state of Tamil Nadu. Consequently, PMK Party Leader Dr. Anbumani Ramadoss has expressed that state governor RN Ravi should not make any further delays in providing his assent for the bill to impose strict enactments against online gambling in the state.

The details were revealed as per News7Tamil’s report on Sunday, March 26, after PMK President shared a thread of tweets on his official Twitter handle. Under the reports, it was revealed that an assistant working at gun factory hospital in Thiruverumpur named Ravichandran committed suicide following a loss of lakhs of money in online gambling.

It was further revealed that the deceased’s mother settled a debt of INR 7 lakhs already after he lost monies in online gambling, however, he kept on playing due to increased attention and eventually accumulated further losses.

Ravichandran’s mother has settled a debt of Rs 7 lakh due to him losing money in online gambling.¬†After that, Ravichandran, who could not recover from the online gambling craze, borrowed several lakhs and lost in online gambling.

Interestingly, the bill was sent for reconsideration in the state’s legislative assembly on Wednesday, March 22. Governor Ravi has been under spotlight for refusing his assent to the bill stating reasons of incapability of the state to pass bills. The governor further went on to say that the power to enforce such bills is only in the hands of central government.

It is to be noted that many experts and related parties have opined themselves on the enactment of the bill, especially after there were multiple cases of suicides in the state due to online gaming addiction and debt-ridden individuals had no other option, but to give their lives away.

Ramadoss has been under the radar for criticizing the governor for either sending back the bill late, or for not granting assent to the bill, which is deemed to be need of the hour in Tamil Nadu.