PMK leader speaks on governor sending back online gaming ban bill after four months

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PMK leader Anbumani Ramadoss has criticized Tamil Nadu Governor RN Ravi for sending back the online gaming ban bill after four months without giving his assent.

In his statement, Ramadoss, said, “Governor RN Ravi has not approved the legislation passed in the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly. Has sent back. There have been reports that the governor has said that the state legislature has no authority to ban online gambling. If the governor said so, it is severely reprehensible.”

“The government must convene an all party meeting to discuss the issue of the Governor returning the online gaming bill. As the financial report of the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly begins on the 20th, the Tamil Nadu government should take steps to bring back the online gaming ban,” he further added.

Ramadoss had been vocal about banning online gaming since a long time. The party leader has previously criticized the Governor on several occasions of people taking their lives due to online rummy and other gaming platforms, as such.

Ramadoss along with a few other politicians have asked the Governor again and again to give his assent to the online gaming ban bill. Last year, he also urged the Chief Minister to asks the governor to give assent to the bill.

With the Governor returning the online gaming ban bill, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin have also instructed the ministers to take proper actions in the Cabinet meeting today.

The bill was originally passed on November 19, 2022, but the governor did not give his assent. During that time, the ordinance banning the online gaming and state also lapsed. Ramadoos claims that as many as 18 people have taken their life after the ordinance lapsed.

Law Minister S Regupathy also responded to the governor returning the bill, saying he does not understand on what Grounds the governor said that assembly has no authority to pass the bill. He further said that the bill will be passed again and sent to the Governor, and this time it will be subjected to attainment of a proper consent.