Pahle India Foundation lauds govt for forming GoM; suggests review of lottery regulations

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Delhi-based Pahle India Foundation (PIF) commends the Indian government for forming a Group of Ministers (GoM) to formulate the regulatory framework of the online gaming industry. PIF urges the members of the GoM to review the current regulations on “Lottery” and implement necessary reforms. The first meeting is set to take place on December 15 and will be chaired by the Hon’ble Union Home Minister, Amit Shah.

PIF recently completed a study titled “Lottery in India – A Study on Regulatory Framework and Potential for Social Funding,” in which it examined the country’s lottery regulations and found significant inconsistencies. PIF suggests a survey of the 25-year-old guideline considering the emergence of internet-based gaming in India over the most recent couple of many years, and the shortfall of player assurance and the age-limit criteria in the current standards.

Online lotteries that are conducted offshore and are not regulated by the Indian government present significant obstacles that require immediate attention. PIF has additionally assessed the lottery systems in nations like the United Kingdom and investigated their capacity for social subsidizing in India.