PMK leader Ramadoss welcomes state government’s move to ban online gambling

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Anbumani Ramadoss, president of the Tamil Nadu regional party Pattalli Makkal Katchi (PMK), urged the governor R. N. Ravi on Friday to immediately approve the new law regarding the ban on online gambling after it passes in the state assembly. Ramadoss has been against online gambling for a long time and has been trying to get it banned throughout the country. Earlier in October 2020, he had asked the union government and all the states to ban it.

While pleading to pass the law against online gambling Ramadoss claimed about various ill-effects of it and how it destroys families saying that though the government has banned any form of physical gambling or gambling in public with strict punishments there has to be action against online gambling as well. According to him it is as much harmful as physical gambling and destroys families faster than alcoholism. He also claimed that there have been numerous cases of suicides due to debt from gambling and that banning online gambling can save many lives and should be approved by the governor immediately without delay.

Recently, the TN government invited the public to give their opinions on online gambling. At that time too, Ramadoss suggested to pass the ordinance to ban online gambling by stating the same claims. He also put light on the topics of predatory advertisements from online gambling companies and how within a couple of weeks of lifting the ban a person committed suicide.

Previously, he had said that the Centre and the states should pay heed to the Madras High Court and various other High Courts’ directions to either ban online gambling or formulate regulations.

A new ordinance to ban online gambling has been approved by the TN cabinet and is due to get an approval from the governor after it is passed in the State Assembly. Ramadoss has been in full support of the new ordinance and is hopeful that the new law will finally end online gambling in the state.