Puducherry: DMK leader urges for an ordinance to ban online gambling

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The opposition party in Puducherry are now urging the territorial administration to introduce an ordinance similar to the one Tamil Nadu Assembly enacted to ban online gaming like poker and rummy.

Leader of the opposition party R. Siva on Friday asked the government to bring out an ordinance as soon as possible to stop online gambling, and then a bill can be introduced in the assembly to replace it.

In his statement, he said, “Online gaming has pushed several families into distress; DMK government in Tamil Nadu thought it appropriate to ban gambling as it destroyed people’s lives. In the Union Territory, several people have also been actively involved in the game and have lost huge amounts of money. There are reports that the Yanam region has become a den for gamblers. They are getting active support from the police authorities.”

Siva also said, “Introduction of legislation has become necessary to prevent people from getting involved in the game.”

Ex-Chief Minister Narayanasamy has also been speaking up for the introduction of an ordinance similar to Tamil Nadu that will prevent people from playing online games. He earlier congratulated the Tamil Nadu government and said that he also plans on bringing up the topic of banning online gaming in Puducherry, as many locals have also requested it.

There have been no comments from the Puducherry government regarding Siva’s request, as the bill introduced in Tamil Nadu will now face a legal lawsuit from E-Gaming Federation as poker and rummy are banned under the statement of the game of chance while the games are classified under the game of skill by Supreme Court.