Puducherry: Ex CM Narayanasamy appeals for ordinance to ban online rummy

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After planning to ban online rummy, the former Chief Minister Narayanasamy has requested the government to bring an emergency ordinance in Puducherry to ban online rummy like Tamil Nadu and also ban pubs that degrade women with culture and drugs.

Almost a week earlier this month, Narayanasamy congratulated the TN government, saying, “Congratulations to the government for banning online rummy in Tamil Nadu,” adding that they are also planning to ban online rummy in Puducherry. When asked about the reason, Narayanasamy said that it was requested by the locals saying online rummy has destroyed their households.

TN also recently passed a bill that was formed from the ordinance approved by the governor in its state assembly, which resulted in a ban on all online gaming like poker and rummy, which are categorized under ‘game of chance’ in the bill.

The All India Gaming Federation (AIGF) commented on the ban, saying these games have been classified as a ‘game of skill’ by the Supreme Court, and E-Gaming Federation have planned to challenge the bill in court.

Narayanasamy also believes this kind of ordinance can also be passed in Puducherry to ban online rummy and gambling bars. He claimed if it is banned in TN, then why not in Puducherry and demanded the government should immediately get one and quickly get it approved by the governor.

There has been no response from the Puducherry government yet about bringing any kind of emergency ordinance to ban online rummy. No one knows if the government plans to bring one any time soon.