Ramadoss questions Governor for delay in granting assent for Gaming Ban Bill after another suicide

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Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK) leader Anbumani Ramadoss has emphasized again that the Governor RN Ravi should not be adamant in giving his assent for the online gambling ban bill as there is no reason for him to delay it. According to him, the number of people taking their lives due to online gambling has reached 43. He also claimed that online rummy has led to the increase in the number of suicides in the state.

Meanwhile, during the previous AIADMK government in November 2020, an emergency law was passed to ban online gambling but was ruled as invalid by the court later. Now, the DMK leadership has brought the emergency law again. But the Governor has not given his approval for it yet. Ramadoss said that people are concerned because of the rising number of young people committing suicide after losing money in online gambling.

“I am saddened to hear that a labourer named Prabhu from Udayarpalayam, Salem district, hanged himself after losing money in online gambling. My condolences to his bereaved family,” said Ramadoss after hearing about the most recent case of suicide.

“This is the 43rd suicide since the online gambling ban was repealed and 14th suicide since the online gambling ban was passed. This is the second suicide in the last three days. The Governor should be responsible for this!” he added.

“Why Tamil Nadu needs Online Gambling Prohibition Act? Although backed with statistics, there is no justification for the Governor not to approve the Online Gambling Prohibition Act yet. The Governor should not show stubbornness in this!”

“If online gambling is not banned in Tamil Nadu, such suicides will become a regular story. The government and the Governor should prevent such a situation from happening. For that, the Governor should immediately approve the online gambling ban law,” Ramadoss concluded.