Ramadoss urges Governor to give assent for Gaming Ban Bill after another online rummy-related suicide

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A young man named Gunaseelan in Madurai, Tamil Nadu took his own life after losing around Rs 2 lakh playing online rummy. He was in his third year of college and worked at a hotel in Madurai’s Anna Nagar to make ends meet after suffering a significant financial loss playing the game online. Despite it he began borrowing money from friends to play the game as he was allegedly addicted to it.

According to reports, Gunaseelan was depressed after suffering a large amount of losses and as a result of which, hanged himself at his residence. When the Anna Nagar police learned of the information, they took his body into custody and sent it to the hospital for an examination.

Meanwhile, PMK leader Anbumani Ramadoss took to Twitter to give his condolences on the passing of Gunaseelan. Ramadoss said, “I was saddened to hear that a restaurant employee, Gunaseelan, committed suicide after losing money in online gambling at Chathamangalam near Madurai. My deepest condolences to his bereaved family.”

The party leader then emphasized that this was the 13th case of suicide since the online gambling ban bill was passed. He asked the Governor to take responsibility for all the suicides that have happened since then.

Ramadoss tweeted, “It has been 112 days since the Online Gambling Prohibition Act was passed. It has been 68 days since Law Minister Regupathy personally explained the doubts raised by the Governor. However, delaying the law without the approval of the governor till date is not proper!”

“The governor should accept the government’s explanation of the online gambling ban if satisfactory; and If it’s not, send it back. Don’t do both and lay the law aside and allow online gambling suicides!,” he further added.

Ramadoss then claimed that the Gaming Ban Bill should be approved by the Governor in order to stop more suicides in Tamil Nadu due to online gambling. In this regard, the government should exert pressure on the Governor. If not, it should look into other solutions.