Latin man sets Guinness World Record for balancing most poker chips on a finger

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A man from Italy named Rocco Mercurio recently made headlines for achieving a strange but astonishing feat. Mercurio registered the record for stacking up the most number of poker chips and balancing them on one finger. This feat helped him find a name in the Guinness Book of World Records as well.

Notably, the Latin guy stacked up a total of 255 poker chips to set one of the weirdest world record. The idea of using the poker chips was unique and thus, it became easier for him to set the record.

The official Instagram handle of Guinness World Records also shared a video of the same on their feed. “Most poker chips balanced on one finger, 255 by Rocco Mercurio” read the shot video uploaded to Guinness World Records on Instagram.

See the video here:

The video has garnered more than a million likes already, as the video went instantly viral. In fact, the netizens took no time in responding hilariously to the record made by the man. While some congratulated him for the achievement, many joked about the same and were left amused.

This is not the first time poker chips or cards have been used for making world records. Several other hold record for other activities like fastest dealing time for playing cards, the largest stack of casino chips, the tallest house of cards, etc.

About Poker

Speaking about poker, it is one of the most popular card games across the world with millions of players. Every casino provides poker tables and its various iterations. The format of the game is such that it can be played solo or in a group. The rules are also basic and one can get the knack of playing the game pretty quickly.

Notably, poker chips are the most essential part of the game. These chips are exchanged against real cash and hold equivalent value.

Of late, people have started playing poker online on their smartphone while keeping money on stake. Multiple tournaments with paid and free entry have become popular among audiences, especially in India.

Interestingly, there is a world record for biggest prize pool for a poker game as well. The record is held by GGPOKER for a prize pool of $27,559,500 USD.