Poker Academy By Mobile Premier League: Learn To Be The Master Of Card Game

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In collaboration with some of India’s best poker players, Mobile Premier League (MPL) has launched Poker Academy to aid prospective players in honing their abilities.

Poker is a skill-based game that calls for analytical thinking, numerical proficiency, and the ability to read people. Through a variety of distinctive content characteristics, The Academy seeks to dissect each of these elements in an approachable way so that prospective poker players may master the skills and develop their strategy and thinking while assuring skill-based gameplay over time.

Additionally, MPL announced the opening of the India Poker Festival, an online competition that will provide all varieties of poker players with a world-class gaming experience across several tournament formats. 

Thousands of players from all around the country will take part in the 11-day tournament, which runs from May 26 to June 5. Additionally, MPL will hold competitions, post cheap deals on social media, and award free tickets to the competition as prizes.

Over 100 million individuals play poker in the entire world. Many new players have begun playing poker all around the world because to technological improvements that enable transparency and fair play, particularly in online poker on mobile applications. The sport has gained many new participants in India as well in recent years. 

Additionally, there are more competitions now. The Mind Sports Olympiad, an international competition for mental talent and mind sports, includes poker along with other games like Bridge, Chess, and Scrabble.

MPL’s country head for India, Namratha Swamy, commented on the opening of the MPL Poker Academy:

“Success in a game of poker is a product of hard work and skill. We strongly believe that with MPL Poker Academy and its myriad learning tools and features, we can create a conducive environment where people can learn from experts and connect with other like-minded players. Through this initiative, we also aim to clear any misconceptions that people have about the game.”

MPL will come up with beginner, intermediate, and expert levels of material as part of the Academy to suit all sorts of players. In order to make studying poker accessible to individuals, professional poker players like Parth Jain, Dhaval Mudgal, Siddharth Karia, Aniruddha Joshi, and others have teamed up with MPL to produce quick, snackable films. 

To assist new poker players, this section provides commentary on a variety of topics, such as game structure, the best and worst hands, typical poker errors and how to prevent them, setting financial restrictions, playing against various sorts of opponents, etc.

Players may access MPL Poker Academy through the MPL app, social networking sites, and renowned poker forums like the India Poker Players’ Association (IPPA), Poker Guru, and Gutshot, among others.