Poker Sports League to commence its fourth season from March 2022

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Poker Sports League is all set to kick off its fourth season with its qualifiers starting from March 2022. The league was set to commence in November 2021, however, due to the recent covid-19 disruptions, the league now has been rescheduled to March 2022. Integrated with state-of-the-art technology that aims to amplify the skills of the players and the experiences of spectators, this season is larger and tech savvier than ever. 

Season four will have an exciting mix of pro-players and budding participants who will not only represent their states but also get a coveted opportunity of practicing and improving their game with the best in the country.  The selection ceremony will be held on 5 March 2022, and the league will go on for around two months with two to three matches every week hosted virtually. The finale of the season will be streamed live starting from 20 April to 24 April 2022. Users can register on the Hashtag Poker App (available on PlayStore and App Store).

Poker Sports League season four is an incredible blend of technology and entertainment. Riding high on the gaming spirit, the tournament will give a chance to the players to represent their state and open avenues for budding players in the mind sport category. The participants will get a coveted opportunity of practicing and improving their game with the best in the country, while they prepare for the qualifiers. 

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In the spirit of the league, Poker Sports League CEO and co-founder Pranav Bagai said, “In this digitally driven era, application of technology is prominent and paramount in almost every vertical. The gaming industry is no different. We aim to cascade the thrill and excitement of this mind sport to every nook of the country with the online streaming of matches in the league. By going Phygital we are setting a path for our future endeavors, giving our users exactly what they want; entertainment and a satisfying gaming experience.” 

To fuel the zeal of the poker players nationwide, the tournament will be streamed live with its unique integration of video. The gestures and eye-catching movements of every player would be visible throughout the game. 

“Innovation in technology has always been our core and we have encouraged and fostered innovative modules throughout this season to give our players an experience like never before. We are determined on investing in the R&D of creating unconventional gaming experiences and strive to positively redefine the poker landscape in the country. Having said that, our focus will remain to give our players a platform where they can discover and upskill themselves with every season” he added.

The online skill gaming industry landscape is evolving rapidly. Poker is one of the leading segments to ride on the high rising digital India wave. The growth of the transaction ecosystem in the country powered by UPI has made it easier for large audience segments to adapt to online transactions, which in turn has also helped in higher conversions of paying users in the RMG industry. As per fintech industry reports, the number of digital transacting users in India has crossed 300 million and the monthly active users stand at over 130 million.