PokerBaazi garners 2 million user base, expects 30% post new app update

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PokerBaazi has transformed its existing app with new updates, the new app can be downloaded from the official website. The app, following its predecessor and other gaming apps from the parent group Baazi Games with new updated features the brand aims to focus on the audience and engage them with their new offerings, and to elevate the excitement of the users  towards the game of poker.

PokerBaazi app already has already garnered user base of 2 million, and with the new app launch, the engagement rate is expected to spike up by 30per cent.

Here are the new features that has been introduced:

  • The all-new PokerBaazi app brings in brand new tech innovation – focusing on delivering a better design and user interface. Through the new app, players can now enjoy playing online poker with just one hand.

  • Introduced  Intuitive AI system, which will help users to not spend time on navigation any longer and can focus on their game

  • The new app also has winner tab features that will allow players to go through the winner’s profile and share updates on a real-time basis related to the match won

  • The design and user interface overhaul introduces a stack of new features such as next-gen graphics, minimal design language, high-res gaming, haptic feedback, state segregation and navigational cards

  • Advanced opponent stats and player career stats offer players a chance to learn from past performances and provide them with an opportunity to take their game to the next level

  • With the introduction of an integrated payments system, has delivered on its promise of creating a smooth and seamless user experience for poker patrons

  • The Smoother UI/UX design has also allowed the team to incorporate features such as faster navigation, category filtering, scrolling, notification system and tournament detail visualisation making the entire gaming experience faster and smoother for the users.
  • PokerBaazi’s technological advancements have also allowed the team to improve upon important performance-related features such as reduced battery consumption, automatic app updates and lower RAM consumptions.

Expressing his views on the launch of the new application, Baazi Games founder and CEO Navkiran Singh said “The new PokerBaazi app is a dream come true product for us. Since 2014, our endeavor has been to be at par with the best poker apps in the world. We have been working towards building the new app for the last 18 months and would like to express our gratitude towards the entire team whose hard work and intelligence can be reflected in the finished product. This app is a result of dedicated work from home by our technical team. Additionally, the rollout of the app also opens a new window of opportunity for us as a brand. Through the new app, our aim is to highlight the Skill factor that makes the sport an enjoyable and exciting journey keeping the players at the edge of their seats always.”

Talking about the technological advances, Baazi Games co-founder and CPO Avneet Rana said “Online gaming is a fast-growing industry in the country, and we see this as an opportunity at to innovate and provide our users with an enriching experience that will further grow and streamline the online poker playing base in India. In the new normal world especially, people spend more time online and are bound to play for a longer duration. It thus becomes extremely important for us to provide them with an interface that supports them seamlessly making the entire experience more fun while introducing them to the duty of responsible gaming. The new app has been developed with the help of a new tech stack that introduces the players to a new level of design and navigation and has been devised to improve the game in terms of speed and visual detail. Features like improved automatic updates and reduced battery consumption have also been keyed in for better performance.”