Spartan Poker launches campaign to encourage people to #LiveInEveryMove

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Spartan Poker has brought on a new campaign, calling on people to #LiveInEveryMove. The campaign aimed at inducing people to play poker takes a non-transactional approach to connect with the emotions of the players in every move.

The concept germinated from the sentiment that is observed in the poker fraternity every day in every moment of the game. Poker is believed to true game of one’s own skill, wherein all the players truly live in the thrill of each move. All the Poker pros, however, would have started off their journeys as amateurs, learning the poker rules and the poker hands, as most new users would do. However, by applying their skills and by living every move along the way, they have been able to craft professional careers for themselves.

Furthermore, as the overall online gaming industry is expected to cross 500 million users by 2022, poker is not just limited to major cities anymore, but now the trends are thriving all over the country. The game drives both skill and thrill in the players and provides an equal opportunity to uptick their financial status by playing professionally with other intellectual players.

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Commenting on the new campaign, Spartan Poker Marketing head Vikas Kantu said, “Through this campaign, we intend to broad-base and expand the industry by inspiring and encouraging new users and other gamers to come and explore the true skill-based game of poker. Every way of life, be it a sport or cooking or dance or fitness or music or travel or any job, will have the same patterns – some anxiety & uncertainty at the beginning, a small learning curve to start off, and the application of skill all the way. However, living and enjoying every move along the journey is the only way people persevere and reach a promising destination. We believe the Poker way of Life is no different and are committed to bringing exciting strategies to further promote this skill-based game in India.”

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