Kerala native Pratheesh Kumar, who starred in RummyCircle ad, warns people not to play such games

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Amid the glory and success of the online gaming sector, there is a dark side that seems to be creeping in with reports of people losing their hard-earned savings by playing games involving monetary stakes.

While there are a few southern states that have taken tough measures to curb stakes-involving games, the majority of states have allowed stakes-involving games operators to function with impunity.

Weeks ago, the High Court had quashed a government order banning rummy in Kerala.

Meanwhile, several advertisements are circulating on social media to promote online games like rummy. Influencers and ordinary people are employed to promote these games every day.

Recently a young man named Pratheesh Kumar from Palakkad who starred in the viral ad for online rummy recently shared that no one should play rummy online after seeing the advertisement he has acted in four years ago. Pradeep Kumar told MediaOne that many people have misunderstood that advertising as his life experience.

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Pratheesh informed that he got paid to play rummy online and has been playing rummy for three years. The ad went viral on social media. Although the advertisement says that he owns a textile shop, Pratheesh Kumar works in a mill in Kanchikode. He says he starred in the RummyCircle advert four years ago.

“At that time I was playing a tournament in the rummy circle and I won that game. The people of the app approached me and asked if I would act in an ad based on my success that day,” he shared.

Pratheesh shared that the advertisement was shot in Ernakulam.

“What I have to say to those who watch and play my ad is that it is wrong to make a lot of money playing rummy. Gambling is the same. What I said is part of the advert. If someone sees my advert and decides to play anymore, I have to say don’t play. No one should play and jump into the pit anymore,” he warned.

Pratheesh Kumar asserts that he will not be responsible if anyone loses money by playing after watching the advert. That textile shop was set up by company officials for advertising. Pratheesh concluded that he doesn’t have a textile shop and the advertisement is largely fictional.