Abu Dhabi: India, Pakistan esports teams face-off at Etihad Arena in Blast Premier World Final today

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Esports teams “True Rippers Esports” from India and “Team WahWah” from Pakistan will be facing each other in an exhibition match in the Blast Premier World Final at Etihad Arena in Abu Dhabi on Sunday, December 17.

This comes right after Nodwin Gaming and Blast teamed up for the Counter Strike tournament ‘The Draft’ that will give Indian and Pakistani teams a chance to make their name globally while playing alongside professionals. Though the matches for “The Draft” will commence in January, this showmatch is bound to give the teams from a lesser known region a kickstart.

Both teams will be playing in front of a huge crowd, comprising thousands of fans offline and online on various streaming platforms. Since it is the finals, the viewer count can be expected to reach around a million easily across all platforms.

Speaking to Khaleej Times, captain of True Rippers Esports, Ritesh Sarda said, “Representing India at a prestigious event like the Blast Premier World Final is undoubtedly an incredible honour for any esports team. The opportunity to showcase skills on an international stage, especially for a team from India, signifies a groundbreaking moment in the country’s esports scene.”

Sharing his excitement, captain of Team WahWah, Sameer Ul Hassan said, “As we prepare for this important occasion at the Etihad Arena, our team’s excitement is evident. We sincerely appreciate the chance, and we’re thrilled to be a part of this significant competition.”

The grand final is set to take place between Faze and Vitality. Both teams defeated their opponents without dropping a single map in the semi-finals.

It is also important to note that the last major for Counter Strike Global Offensive was swooped by Vitality, however, their opponents are also one of the top teams, Faze. As a result, the players can expect an intense showdown.