True Rippers win Indian qualifiers, secure spot at Valorant Convergence LAN event

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The grand finals for Riot Games’ official Valorant tournament “Convergence” is getting closer and True Rippers have now secured their spot in the main LAN event with a final scoreline of 3-2 against Reckoning Esports in the grand finals of the Indian Qualifiers.

One can say that the matches weren’t one-sided, as both the teams performed incredibly well and took the game into the fifth match in a best-of-five.

This was also not the first time both teams were facing each other. Previously, True Rippers faced a 2-0 defeat against Reckoning Esports, sending them to the lower brackets from where they fought their way to the finals and faced them once again.

The first map played was the one inspired by India, Lotus, where Reckoning Esports secured a win with a score of 13-9. However, True Rippers made a comeback in the second map, Ascent, with a score of 13-11.

The third map played by the teams was Bind, which was selected by Reckoning Esports, however, True Rippers took the game by storm with a 13-2 victory leading into the fourth map and one of the classics, Haven. Here, Reckoning Esports was playing to prevent an early loss and managed to win the map with a 13-9 scoreline.

With both teams now tied up, the match went into the final map, Breeze. The teams again performed exceptionally to secure a spot at the LAN event in Bengaluru, with True Rippers clinching a victory with a 13-8 score.

The six teams that will now face each other at the LAN event include –

Global Esports – India
FURIA Esports – Brazil
True Rippers – India
FUT Esports – Turkey
Team Vitality – France
Gen.G Esports – Korea