BGMI Cricket Carnival Giveaway event; How to collect permanent outfit?

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Online games have to push out new content all year round in order to keep the player count up. The gaming firms also need to have fun and rewarding events along with good gameplay loop. Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), arguably the most popular Battle Royale game in India also falls under the category.

The developers at Krafton also work on multiple events and game modes throughout the year. Currently, cricket is gaining user traction with the conclusion of World Cup, wherein India ended as runner ups.

Going with the trend, BGMI has announced Cricket Carnival Giveaway event for the users. In this event, the players can get free Pineapple Master Set along with helmet skin permanently and that too absolutely free. In order to collect the set, users simply need to enter the event page. The event will run from 20 November to 17 December, so there isn’t much rush to collect the rewards.

Usually, players need to complete certain tasks in-game, play matches to make progress towards earning a reward. However, this time around, players can grab the character skin with a simple log-in.

To locate the reward, follow the steps below in BGMI –

1. Open BGMI on your device and log in
2. On the main screen, select the events tab
3. Navigate to ‘Hot’ section
4. Scroll down to Cricket Carnival Giveaway
5. Browse through your rewards and press collect.

That’s it. Now you can equip the in-game skin and hop into a game to show off your new skin. Along with the new giveaway event, there is also a new Royale Pass available for purchase.

‘Skins’ here refer to in-game cosmetics that a player can use on their game character. While these cosmetics are typically paid items used to customize characters, they do not grant any in-game advantage.