BGMI developer Krafton testing out ‘Defense Derby’ for India, early access on Google Play

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Developer for beloved mobile game PUBG Mobile and BGMI, Krafton, has announced yet another mobile title for India release called Defense Derby. The game is currently in early access that will end on 12 May.

Much like Krafton’s entry into the new genre, the game is described as a tower defense strategy game, which is a completely different category of the game than Krafton is known for, like Road to Valor: Empires.

Speaking of Road to Valor: Empires, the announcement for Defense Derby was made soon after the India release for Road to Valor: Empires and is developed by RisingWings, an indie studio by Krafton.

According to the company, the game is free-to-play as of now and will remain the same in future releases. The game will, however, have microtransactions to help monetise the game. Players who take part in the early access can also receive rewards which include 2500 Crystals, 500 Gold, 500 Elixir, and 500 ManaStone.

The game was confirmed last year and has since gone through many changes, including a new game mode and a rank system of sorts called ‘Path of Guardian’ that provides additional objectives and rewards for players.

Currently, the game also has an ongoing even mode called Derby Free Fight – Mirror Match, where all players get the same card deck to compete in order to give a fair and fun gameplay experience.

Since PUBG and BGMI ban, the company has changed pace and is focusing on a different genre of games, including some for a PC games, with the latest one being in the horror genre called The Callisto Protocol. While the gameplay and concept were good, the game did suffer stability issues, which also racked some criticism from PC gamers.

The company has also assured that they are working on bringing fan-favourite BGMI back in the play store, but as of now, there are only speculations and rumors for unban with no solid source.