Krafton India to launch new title ‘Road to Valor Empires’ in Indian market soon

Published on:

PUBG and BGMI developer Krafton is set to release a new game in the Indian market through its Indian subsidiary. The game, which is called the Road to Valor Empires, was teased by Krafton India and its CEO Sean Sohn on social media and Linkedin respectively.

Road to Valor Empires is being described as a real-time strategy game set in a mythical universe with monsters and heroes. The players’ tasks include building their empires, finding heroes, and defending their realms from invading armies.

The game has not yet received an official release date from Krafton India, but the teaser graphic hints that it soon will. The game has been developed by Dreamotion which was acquired by Krafton back in 2021.

While the aesthetics of the game may look similar to Age of Empires by Xbox Studios, the fact that the game consists of many mythical beings like dragons makes it stand out. Along with being a real-time strategy game it is also Player vs Player (PVP), which means players will have to outsmart real people.

The game is expected to be available on both Android and iOS devices for free. Currently, it has over 100,000 downloads on the Google Play Store as it is available in other geographical markets.

In the meantime, RisingWings, a subsidiary of Krafton, is preparing to release Defense Derby, a brand-new mobile game. Players need to build a deck and defend their castle in the PVP mode of the game. They need to buy cards through an auction mechanism in order to build a strong deck.

Krafton appears to be diversifying from the existing Battle Royale (BR) games by introducing a new category to increase player count especially after PUBG Mobile and BGMI were banned by the Indian government.