Krafton announces dedicated YouTube channel and Instagram page for esports in India

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Krafton has announced a dedicated YouTube channel and Instagram account for its esports news and tournaments in India. The channel and page are named ‘Krafton India Esports’ and the announcement was made through a short video on it.

Apart from being one of the main sources of updates and news these outlets would be the  the official livestream platforms for Krafton’s tournaments.

Looking closely, it seems that the channel was originally created for Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) tournament streams and videos but since the company has released a series of new games, it appears to have rebranded it as official ‘Krafton India Esports’ channel that will have updates for all its games.

Celebrating the return of BGMI and the dedicated YouTube esports channel, Krafton has announced a series of ‘Road To Valor: Empires’ matches starting today (May 26). The series is meant to include casual matches between the players and developers of the game.

Players will be awarded with 1000 in-game gems for winning the match. Details about participation like room IDs will be shared in the YouTube chat that will allow users to join one at a time. Furthermore, there will also be a 2v2 match against the Krafton India CEO Sean Hyunil Sohn and Head of India Publishing, Minu Lee.

According to Krafton, the matches will also be hosted for their other flagship titles where players will again compete against the developers to test out and show off their skills. It is also a great chance for aspiring streamers and gamers to challenge the developers before an audience and grow their community.

While many seem to be excited with the announcement and the concept, it seems most fans are awaiting their beloved game BGMI. After 10 months of speculation, the game was finally unbanned for three months recently.

It remains to be seen if the BGMI match against the developers will be a full-fledged Battle Royale game or a Team Death Match (TDM) mode one. While the game is currently available for download from the Google Play Store, it seems that the servers are yet to be fully active.