Bronze medal-winning DOTA captain Moin Ejaz faces off against ESFI

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Esports Federation of India (ESFI) has instigated a war of words with the (DOTA) team skipper Moin Ejaz, accusing the latter of disrupting the harmony in the team and instigating political agendas. Moin Ejaz, retaliated, stating that the ESFI are spreading false rumors and baseless lies against him and calling out the government body for their lack of support during the recently concluded Commonwealth Esports Championship 2022.

ESFI initiated the controversy after putting up a post on Twitter via their official account, accusing Moin Ejaz of playing politics, the captain of the DOTA team which claimed a historic Bronze medal at the Commonwealth Esports Championship 2022. The governing body, in charge of promoting, encouraging, organizing, educating, training & regulating esports in the country, blamed Moin for disrupting the balance of the team by making sudden changes without any viable reason.

The national body also accused Moin of harassing and abusing his teammates in favor of creating his own roster and playing politics. The body stated that the medal-winning skipper had requested changes to the roster for the upcoming World Esports Championships in Bali and the Asian Games.

The Indian Dota 2 team skipper put up a post of his own later on Wednesday, 31st August, blasting the ESFI for their baseless statement and accusing them of spewing lies. He revealed that a change in the roster for the Asian Games was never requested and the request was only due to the unavailability of Krish Nitin Gupta, who is a professional DOTA 2 player. He also accused the ESFI of their lack of support during the Commonwealth Esports Championships and revealed the incidents in the lead-up to the Games in Birmingham in his Facebook post.

“As to regarding our Asian game roster we never requested a change in that and will be happy to participate with the same roster which includes (Krish Dota) who cannot participate in any other event with us except for the Asian games as he currently plays for a professional Dota2 Team. So we had requested a roster change for only the other events, so the point ESFI is making that the same team should continue playing till the Asian games is invalid as our Asian games roster was never affected by this.”

“ESFI has personally called me out saying that I’m doing politics and trying to break apart this team which is further from the truth, I would like to ask ESFI to name that teammate who I have traumatized or harassed, and if they can’t to stop spreading these baseless lies. All this time me and my team members have been putting up with the nonsense that ESFI has been spewing because we considered ourselves helpless and at their mercy. Now it is for the public to decide who is doing politics and who is the real culprit in this scenario.”