Cloud9 Energy Drink teams up with Orangutan Esports for exclusive partnership

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Orangutan Gaming, an esports company, has recently revealed a collaboration with Cloud9 Energy Drink. The one-year alliance designates Cloud9 Energy Drink as the ‘Exclusive Energy Drink Partner’ for Orangutan Esports.

This partnership introduces a non-endemic brand like Cloud9 Beverages into the esports domain and was announced through a video featuring Orangutan’s renowned BGMI roster.

As part of this collaboration, the Cloud9 Energy Drink logo will appear on the right collar of the official Orangutan jerseys, symbolizing their unity in this alliance. The move highlights the mutual interest of both parties in contributing to the esports landscape.

Expressing his enthusiasm, Yash Bhanushali, Founder of Orangutan Gaming, stated, “We are pleased to welcome Cloud9 Energy Drink into the esports community. This partnership not only provides our athletes with the energy they need to perform at their best but also demonstrates our commitment to bringing new and exciting brands into the industry.”

Similarly, Priyesh Ganatra, Founder of Cloud9 Beverages, remarked “Partnering with Orangutan Gaming was a natural choice for Cloud9 Energy. Esports athletes require peak performance and sustained energy, aligning perfectly with our vision. This partnership allows us to connect with a passionate and growing audience, showcasing our commitment to supporting the vibrant esports community.”

Through strategic alliances, Orangutan Gaming is paving the way for brands to invest in the esports industry. With previous sponsors such as Puma, Raiaskaran, Kreo, Wings, and Esportz, Orangutan Gaming continues to invest further by adding Cloud9 Energy Drink to the list. These collaborations bring more funding into the Indian esports industry, helping it garner the attention and interest needed for the industry to flourish.