COD Warzone 2 releases another free-to-play game mode

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Call of Duty (COD) Warzone 2 is now out and available for every fps shooter around the world. The initial feedback from the players has been very good towards the game, with some slight issues in connections for a few players.

Warzone 2 is claimed to be a sequel to COD Warzone by Activision, which was released back in 2020. With the new battle royale, Activision have tried to follow the free-to-play route like many other companies to rope in as many players as possible during the initial launch.

With a battle royale still at its core, Warzone 2 claims to add a few of its own adjustments while retaining many of the core concepts and features of the original game. The new Al Mazrah map consists of several multiplayer stages from the game.

The biggest positive players have reported in Warzone 2 is the download size; the game is only 25 GB in download compared to its predecessor, Warzone, which crossed 100 GB with constant updates.

While some players have encountered network issues like latency spikes and objectives not spawning, most of the time, these bugs are not that big of a problem. The game also implements the old movement from the original Warzone, which have been seen to be praised by the players.

Another interesting addition in Warzone 2 reported by the players can be seen as DMZ mode. The mode is currently in beta, and the developers at Activision have told that there can be a lot of changes in the mode in the future, according to the feedback of the players.

According to players, the DMZ mode mimics Escape From Tarkov-style gameplay but is very fast-paced. There are vehicles one can drive, a ton of NPC to fight, and side objectives to complete. The main objective here is to loot new guns and extract them successfully in order to unlock their blueprints.

Players need to be careful, as an unsuccessful extraction can lead to the loss of all the items players were carrying with them. The new mode gave players who like to go mostly against bots a good start to get a grip on the game.

The initial reception of the game in India and worldwide have been very good. The game currently boasts more than 1 million consistent players.

The UI of the game will be a bit lacking for someone playing the game as free to play, but apart from all this, the players describe it as a decent experience and have a great opportunity to grow among the young player base in India.