Detective Dotson to debut on Xbox Series consoles

Published on:

Independent game developer Masala Games has announced the upcoming release of its new mystery-adventure game, Detective Dotson, for Xbox Series consoles. This announcement is a milestone for the developer, bringing a fresh and culturally rich gaming experience to a global audience.

Detective Dotson takes players to a version of modern-day India, blending 2D and 3D art styles. The game centers on Dotson, an aspiring Bollywood star who unexpectedly becomes a detective. The mind behind this intriguing narrative is Shalin Shodhan, a former Electronic Arts veteran known for his work on Spore, and an Oscar-winning Pixar artist, credited on films like Toy Story 3 and Brave.

Shalin Shodhan, Founder and CEO of Masala Games, expressed his enthusiasm about the console release, stating, “It’s the dream of every game developer to bring their game to console as it’s perceived to have the highest quality bar to clear. We’re thankful that the Xbox Developer Acceleration Program believes in us. It’s not everyday that one of the leading platforms in gaming takes notice. Their trust motivates us to do this opportunity justice.”

Detective Dotson draws inspiration from contemporary Indian pop culture, incorporating elements from Bollywood and popular crime dramas such as CID. Players will collect clues and unravel mysteries, interacting with a diverse array of characters, each harboring their own secrets.

Arjun Varma, India Lead for Global Expansion at Xbox, shared his excitement, stating, “We’re excited and proud to see our desi and Bollywood-inspired Detective Dotson release on Xbox Series consoles. Xbox wants to bring unique and diverse games from India to a global audience via our ID@Xbox Program. We are grateful to have Masala Games as an awesome partner on this journey.”

The game, developed using Unity, features a single-player episodic story and two-player couch co-op levels. Adding to its authentic Indian atmosphere, the original soundtrack is a collaboration with Nikhil Rao of Indian Ocean, pioneers of Indian Rock.