FSR 3 by AMD out for two titles, more to follow soon

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FidelityFX Super Resolution 3 (FSR), AMD’s latest upscaling tech, is now out for titles like Forspoken and Immortals of Aveum. FSR 3 was announced with AMD’s 7000 series graphics card last year.

As per AMD’s official blog post, FSR 3 is using AMD Fluid Motion Frames which is the company’s answer to its competition Nvidia’s DLSS 3 and frame generation. Combining both Super Resolution and Fluid Motion Frames, the video games will gain increased performance.

The best part however is that the technology is not limited to AMD’s graphics card but is also available to Nvidia’s older RTX card, which did not get the support for DLSS 3’s frame generation technology due to hardware limitations.

FSR 3 to support wide range of hardware: AMD claims

Since FSR 3 does not need machine learning like RTX cards, it can be made available on wide range of hardware. The company has claimed double or in some cases triple performance increase. This could be crucial for older generations of graphic cards with recent releases of more power-heavy titles.

Along with FSR 3, there is also a Native AA mode which can further sharpen the image quality. Also, it will have minimal impact on the overall performance. Combined with frame generation, older GPUs can easily benefit from higher frame output.

For using both upscaling and frame generation, minimum requirements is either AMD RX 5000 Series card or NVIDIA RTX 20 Series card. FSR 3 alone is available starting AMD RX 590 and NVIDIA GTX 10 Series cards.

As of now there are 12 more games that may soon add the FSR 3 support. Even more games are expected to add the tech in their games for better overall performance.

The technology is not perfect, though, as frame time for some systems are not consistent. This can cause a choppy and stutter feel with some input lag, however it can be improved moving forward. Overall, this is a huge win for all gamers with older and newer GPUs.