GodSquad eliminated from Valorant India Invitational due to round difference

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At the Valorant India Invitational, GodSquad (Global Esports) suffered a heavy loss as they failed to qualify for the playoffs due to a difference of just four rounds across all group-stage matchups.

On the final day of the Invitational “GodSquad,” despite victories over Bleed Esports (13-10) and BOOM Esports (13-6), were unable to advance to the semifinals, where they might have faced Team Heretics’ European lineup.

The current lineup’s captain, Bhavin “HellrangeR” Kotwani, was disappointed that after coming so close, and were eliminated because of round differences, but he was still very proud of the overall performance of his team.

HellrangeR said, “First time we got to play these teams on LAN, and this is where we thrive.”

Global Esports’ Valorant lineup, which is now competing in the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) Offseason tournaments under the name GodSquad, has likely given one of the strongest performances by an Indian team in a global LAN to date.

The team won two out of their three matches, similar to matches won by Paper Rex and Bleed Esports, but it all came down to round differences (RD) for advancing to the next stage.

Due to the fact that all three teams in “Group B” had overall “2-1” wins, RD had to be taken into account. As a consequence, Paper Rex, with 11 RD and Bleed Esports, with eight RD, advanced to the Playoffs compared to the four RD of GodSquad.

The interesting thing people noted during the matches was that Paper Rex lost to Bleed Esports, Bleed Esports lost to GodSquad, and GodSquad lost to Paper Rex, making it a full circle of rivalry, which was the case in Group A matches.

Paper Rex and Bleed Esports from “Group-B” have joined Team Heretics and Team Secret in the Playoffs, which they qualified for through “Group-A.”

Heretics will face Bleed in one semi-final match, while Secret will face Paper Rex. Both semifinal matchups will be best-of-three affairs, and the winners will advance to the championship battle at Sunburn Arena with DJ Snake.