“India Ki Sabse Pehli Esports Aur Gaming Academy” – CarryMinati announces collaboration with MP Esports Academy

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Popular Indian YouTuber and gamer Ajey Nagar aka CarryMinati recently took to Twitter to announce his collab with the Madhya Pradesh government. His gaming arm “Big Bang” has collaborated with the Govt to develop first-ever gaming and esports academy in the state capital Bhopal.

He talks about how academies for various activities are present in India, however, there is no such place to learn gaming. And how, in India, almost everyone playing video games had to learn by themselves.

“The academy is dedicated to teach those who want to make a career in gaming and esports,” said Nagar, further explaining that there will be no effect on studies of anyone as the academy will also help gamers manage them together.

Carry explains that there will an esports tournament, from which the top players will be selected for admission. The YouTuber also explained that the MP Govt will also provide scholarship programs.

The scope of academy isn’t limited to esports. Those who want to get in gaming industry as content creator, game designer, caster and other roles can also join the academy. The ultimate goal of the academy is to create talented gamers across the country, who are serious about esports.

MP-born to have reservation in the Esports Academy

One thing to note is that the 80% of the academy seats will be reserved for gamers from Madhya Pradesh, while the rest of the seats are open to gamers countrywide. This does not mean that the tournament seats are also reserved the same way. Anyone can join the tournament and compete for a spot at the academy.

Sports minister Yashodhara Raje Scindia also previously announced the news of India’s first esports academy and MP’s break-dance academy saying, “MP’s break-dance and Esports Academy are the first such academies in the country that will give the youth an opportunity to hone their skills in these new sports in addition to traditional sports.”

Interested candidates can enroll for the program by filling the official MP Govt’s Google Form here.