Indian Government considers discontinuing BGMI amid security concerns

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The future of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) in India is uncertain as the Cyber Security Division of the Indian Government has recommended discontinuing the game due to concerns over security and user safety. Recent incidents, including the illegal entry of Pakistani national Seema Haider into India – who allegedly met her partner Sachin Meena on the gaming platform, and crimes linked to the game, have raised alarms among authorities, citing potential cyber threats and data privacy risks.

Sources reveal that a crucial meeting scheduled for the following week will determine the fate of BGMI. A query has been sent to Krafton. The company is set to present its case alongside central agencies. Despite efforts to enhance security features, concerns persist regarding data privacy and server locations.

BGMI although a very popular game, has been in trouble since its launch in India and was initially banned in June 2021. Although BGMI was restored in May 2023 after a period of suspension. The government granted provisional approval for a trial period of three months, subject to compliance with security measures. According to a news report by News 18, the cybersecurity division has “recommended the app be discontinued.”

The authorities are again considering discontinuation of the game as there have been reports of violations and potential cyber threats highlighted in an Intelligence agency report. Allegations suggest that BGMI may be communicating with servers located in China, raising further security concerns.

Rajeev Chandrasekhar, the Union Minister of State for Electronics & Technology, previously announced the temporary approval of BGMI for a trial period, emphasizing the need for close monitoring of user harm and addiction issues. Despite initial approval, ongoing concerns regarding data security and user safety have prompted government scrutiny and deliberation over the game’s future, mentioned a report in India Today.

Krafton is awaiting further directives from the government. As discussions develop and stakeholders present their cases, the decision regarding BGMI’s continuation in India will be known.