Krafton India CEO praises Indian Government’s decision to recognize esports

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Sean Hyunil Sohn, CEO of Krafton India, lauded the Indian government for their move to recognize esports as part of multi-event sports in India and promised that the company would contribute positively to the esports scene in the country.

“This is a pathbreaking move by the government and we are delighted to see the recognition given to esports as part of multi-sports events by the Government of India. It is a testament to India’s commitment of making their mark in the global gaming ecosystem. This official acknowledgement will go a long way in boosting job creation, creating new business opportunities, and opening new avenues for the youth to realize their potential,” said Sohn in his Linkedin post.

“We look forward to seeing esports further integrated in competitive gaming and we as Krafton are confident to play our part in furthering the vision of a thriving gaming ecosystem in India,” he added.

Krafton also recently announced their plans to move towards metaverse and Web 3.0 gaming in 2023 with Sohn saying, “In 2023, we will continue to accelerate our focus in the field of metaverse and Web 3.0 to build ecosystems and provide unique gaming experiences for users.”

The company further assured that they will introduce new games to provide the most unique gaming experience and are also working to bring back BGMI. The recent release of “The Callisto Protocol” by Krafton worldwide including India also increased hopes of fans waiting for BGMI to return.

The BGMI ban was certainly a huge setback for the esports gaming scene in India but recent rumours have also suggested that the game may make a return to the Google Play Store by January 15.

With the government recognizing esports, the gaming community has received a huge boost. The move is expected to help in growing the sector in the following years at a rapid pace.