Krafton presents Garuda Saga: a new frontier in Indian gaming

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Krafton, the renowned developer behind the immensely popular Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), has just revealed its latest venture tailored for the Indian gaming community. Garuda Saga, an Indian-themed game, marks Krafton’s determined effort to solidify its position in the country’s gaming landscape.

After weeks of anticipation since its initial announcement and pre-registration kickoff on February 5, Garuda Saga has finally descended into the gaming world. Krafton, in collaboration with the South Korea-based Alchemist Games, meticulously crafted this role-playing game (RPG) to immerse players in a world infused with Indian culture and theme.

Exclusive to Indian gamers, Garuda Saga invites players to start on an epic journey as Garuda, armed with a bow, delving into perilous dungeons, battling monsters, and acquiring new skills. The game promises a personalized RPG experience tailored to each player’s unique style, ensuring an engaging adventure from start to finish.

As reported by Money Control, Anuj Sahani, Head of Krafton Incubator Program and lead of Garuda Saga, expressed enthusiasm about the game’s release, stating, “We’ve intricately woven the vibrant essence of India into every aspect of the game, from its storyline to its characters, truly bringing Garuda Saga to life.”

Meanwhile, Kipum Jun, CEO of Alchemist Games, highlighted the game’s appeal, emphasizing its fusion of Indian themes with captivating gameplay mechanics. “Garuda Saga’s charm lies in the blend of Indian themes layered with fun gameplay mechanics,” Jun remarked, eagerly anticipating players’ reactions.

This launch follows Krafton’s strategic moves to tailor its offerings for the Indian market, including introducing an Indian faction in ‘Road To Valor: Empires’ and featuring Bollywood superstar Ranveer Singh as a playable character in BGMI. Moreover, the company’s substantial investments in the Indian gaming ecosystem underscore its commitment to the region’s burgeoning gaming community.

Krafton’s initiatives coincide with the burgeoning maturity of India’s gaming populace, which is increasingly embracing immersive gaming experiences beyond casual play. According to Niko Partners, India’s gaming market is poised for significant growth, with mobile and PC gaming revenue projected to reach $1.58 billion by 2027, driven by a burgeoning community of gamers seeking deeper gaming experiences.

Garuda Saga’s launch marks a significant milestone in Krafton’s journey to captivate the Indian gaming audience, promising an unforgettable adventure steeped in Indian culture and lore. As the gaming landscape in India continues to evolve, Krafton’s commitment to innovation and localization sets a promising precedent for the future of gaming in the country.