Krafton unveils ambitious plans for 2024, announces launch of 20 new games

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Krafton, the publisher behind Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), has announced plans to introduce 20 new games, including titles like ‘Dark and Darker Mobile’ and ‘inZoi,’ set to be unveiled in 2024. The company is set to revamp its growth trajectory. The South Korean gaming giant detailed its ambitious initiatives during a company-wide town hall meeting, Krafton Live Talk, where it also outlined intentions to secure a leading position in the industry and enhance its esports endeavors reported ABPLive.

Earlier in 2023, Krafton initiated the ‘Scale-up the Creative’ strategy, and CEO CH Kim shared during the town hall that 2024 would mark the fruition of this approach. The strategy, focusing on discovering diverse creatives and evolving into a global publisher, aims to bring new excitement to gaming and facilitate effective expansion into the global market.

Among the upcoming releases, Krafton is actively developing ‘Dinkum Mobile,’ ‘Project Black Budget,’ and a game within the ‘Subnautica series.’ Specific release dates for these projects were not disclosed during the meeting, indicating Krafton’s strategic approach to establishing an enduring presence in the gaming and esports industry.

CEO Kim underscored the company’s commitment to continuous investment in the global expansion of PUBG: Battlegrounds IP and specifically highlighted the Indian market. Krafton plans to franchise the PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS IP, constructing a robust platform ecosystem to establish a distinctive competitive edge. The incorporation of ‘game changing’ deep learning technology into game development processes is expected to reshape the gaming landscape.

To amplify development activities, Krafton intends to collaborate with internal and external studios, as well as outsourcing, showcasing a multifaceted approach to game creation. CEO Kim reiterated the company’s commitment to investing and growing in the Indian market, emphasizing the expansion of publishing and esports activities in India.