Greater Noida: Pak woman, Indian man who fell in love while playing PUBG granted bail

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The Pakistani woman, who was recently arrested for entering India illegally to meet the man whom she met online while playing PUBG, has been granted bail on Friday by a court in Greater Noida. The bail was granted by Justice Nazim Akbar of the Jewar Civil Court junior division.

According to reports the couple expressed their love for each other before the police and media on July 4 and pleaded the government to let them get married.

“Both Seema and Sachin have been granted bail by the court. However, they are yet to be released from the jail. They would be released after paper work and verification are completed,” said officer Sudhir Kumar stationed at Rabupura police station as quoted by The Tribune.

“Seema’s four children are also with her in the jail. They would stay with the mother once she walks out of the jail,” he added.

Both Seema Ghulam Haider and Sachin Meena reportedly fell in love with each other while playing PUBG Mobile back in 2019. Even after the game was banned in India, they stayed in contact with each other through social media.

Eventually, she decided to come to India and reside with Sachin. Seema entered the country through Nepal with her four children after facing issues getting a visa. They started living together in Greater Noida but were eventually found out and arrested.

Representing the couple, Advocate Hemant Krishna Parashar argued that the woman had taken that step because she was “love-struck”. Furthermore, she is afraid for her life and her children’s safety if she goes back to Pakistan.

“Seema told me in writing that she and Sachin had got married in Kathmandu, Nepal. I informed the court about this. I also argued that Seema first went from Pakistan to Nepal and then came to India. Those coming from Nepal to India are not required to carry passport or have visa,” said Parashar.

The court found the arguments to be satisfactory and granted them bail. Sachin’s father Netrapal Singh, who was also arrested for sheltering the accused, was also granted bail.