Newly launched Bullet Echo India offers unique features and Indian cultural celebrations

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Krafton India, in collaboration with ZeptoLab, unveiled Bullet Echo India, a mobile gaming sensation designed specifically for Indian players, on 23rd April.

This top-down shooter game promises an experience packed with unique features that pay homage to Indian culture.

An adaptation of the popular Bullet Echo title, Bullet Echo India offers fast-paced stealth battles lasting just two minutes. Players engage in PvP action using a variety of guns and abilities while strategizing their movements to outwit opponents. With customizable characters and India-specific features like “India-Specific Pricing,” “Dedicated Server,” and exclusive skins, the game aims to cater directly to the Indian gaming community.

Strategic Gameplay

Bullet Echo India introduces players to a multiplayer PvP tactical shooter experience, where teamwork and strategy are important. Inspired by the battle royale format, the game challenges players to outwit their opponents and emerge victorious in battles reminiscent of titles like Fortnite and Apex Legends.

Celebrating Indian Culture

Bullet Echo India immerses players in Indian culture with its cast of heroes and skins. Characters like Maharani Sparkle, Dancer Mirage, and Raja Slayer showcase unique skins inspired by India’s rich history and traditions. Additionally, a collaboration with Battlegrounds Mobile India introduces the BGMI skin for the hero Stalker, seamlessly blending elements from both games.

Distinctive Features

One of Bullet Echo India’s standout features is its focus on quick play sessions lasting just one and a half to two minutes. The game fills a gap in the Indian gaming market, offering competitive gameplay tailored to the needs of mobile gamers.

The game’s roadmap features additions like new characters, maps, and events tied to Indian festivals and themes, ensuring a dynamic and engaging experience for players.

Gameplay Mechanics

Bullet Echo India presents a twin-stick PvP shooter experience, allowing players to control movement with the left joystick and character rotation with the right joystick. The game features five distinct game modes, including Battle Royale, King of the Hill, and Squad vs Squad, offering diverse gameplay options. With 27 new heroes to unlock and customizable skins, players can enjoy strategic possibilities.

Freemium Model

Following a freemium model, Bullet Echo India offers in-game purchases for players looking to enhance their gaming experience. While the game itself is free to download, players can choose to spend money on in-game currency via microtransactions, mentioned a player review on 91Mobiles.


Bullet Echo India is available for download on Apple and Android devices, offering compatibility with iOS 12.0 or later, iPadOS 12 or later, macOS 11.0 or later (with an Apple M1 chip or later), and Android devices running version 6.0 or higher.

With its features and celebration of Indian culture, Bullet Echo India aims to redefine mobile gaming for players across the country.