Krafton launches game development incubator in India

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In a testament to India’s role in the gaming world, a surge of gamers and enthusiasts are getting into game development. KRAFTON, a global gaming company, has revealed an initiative: an incubator tailored exclusively for game development, promising to nurture projects from conceptualization to fruition. Anuj Sahani, spearheading the KRAFTON India Incubator Program and serving as India Publishing Advisor, revealed that two pioneering companies have been selected as the inaugural cohort for incubation.

As reported by The Indian Express, with a valuation of approximately $180 billion, the gaming industry has witnessed expansion worldwide. Despite India’s stage in game development, the nation has emerged as a gaming hub, with multinational entities tailoring their offerings to the Indian audience. Since its foray into the Indian market in 2021, KRAFTON has invested approximately $160 million into various startups and earmarks an additional $150 million for investments over the next 2-3 years.

Sahani underscored the talent in India while acknowledging the complexities entailed in the game development process, spanning from conceptualization to coding and beyond. He emphasized that the incubation program aims to guide developers through every phase, culminating in the game’s publication. Moreover, Sahani hinted at the possibility of KRAFTON acquiring shares in select games, contingent upon mutual agreement.

The inaugural cohort attracted over 200 applications, with two developers hailing from Nagaland and Bengaluru, respectively. Sahani noted that additional companies could join the cohort, which spans a two-year period. He emphasized the importance for India’s game development landscape to evolve both conceptually and technically, asserting that the incubation program offers a approach, coupled with mentorship, to the selected companies.