Student-led startup Gauravgo Games to launch Made-in-India Battle Royale game ‘Sena’ soon

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Gauravgo Games, a student-led game development studio, is building a new Made in India Battle Royale (BR) game called Sena. The game is set to feature Indian culture and mythology inspired environment inside the metaverse.

According to the startup, Sena will feature Indian characters, weapons, and settings to promote the cultural diversity while having one of the most popular gaming genre (BR) at its core. A group of recent graduates and students are currently working on the game, and believe that it will set a new standard in the gaming sector and will also compete on a global scale.

The game is slated to include a massive 100 player lobby where they can select to jump in solo, or with friends in duo or squad. The team behind the game also revealed that the players will get access to a variety of maps which would include iconic places and cities of India.

Here is a brief look at some of the development gameplay concepts. Do note that the game is currently in alpha phase of development.

Sena is dubbed as one-of-its-kind in the market due to its offering of the play-to-earn feature along with its integration of Business-to-Consumer (B2C) advertisements in the game environment.

The company expects the play-to-earn model to be a huge success among gamers as they believe everyone wants to earn money doing what they love. Players can earn rewards in the form of coins. However, if players wish to play without the element of rewards the can do so.

Talking of the commercial aspects, the studio has revealed that B2C advertisements in the games can also help with better promotion of products and services. B2C ads are served directly to the users.

Currently, the game is in an initial development phase. Meanwhile, Gauravgo Games has also released a game called ‘Bhoomiputra’ previously. It is short, free-to-play on PC and gives the older Call of Duty game vibes.