SuperGaming teases Indus Battle Royale iOS build

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SuperGaming, the developers of Indus Battle Royale, recently teased an iOS build of the upcoming made-in-India game. It is currently in alpha testing phase with the developers sharing regular updates of its development.

While the Battle Royale game was already available for pre-register on Android devices, there was no news about the iOS port. With the latest Tweet from the developer, it seems that the iOS users might also get the pre-register option.

The developer teased the build through a response post to Stuff India magazine showing Indus Battle Royale installed on an Apple device. The game was featured in Stuff India magazine where they talked about its features and the community around it and how they are gearing up for esports.

The game has already been very well received by the audience and released some alpha gameplay footage this year in March. By the looks of it, the BR game is set in a futuristic settlement inspired by Indian mythology and architecture.

Playable characters within the game are also inspired in the same way and have also provided the talented people from the AVGC sector to show off their skills in the game artwork and design.

The alpha gameplay footage revealed the concept of the game with customization options including controls, gameplay, HUD layout, sensitivity, graphics, and audio. The HUD and controls are already fully customizable, and the gameplay also seems smooth.

Recently, SuperGaming announced registrations for play test 04 and invited gamers to test out the updated map of Virlok, new character avatars, weapons and utility. Gamers participating in the play test would also get a chance to lay their hands on game merchandise.

Indus Battle Royale has already crossed the one million pre-registration mark. While there is no exact date for the iOS pre-registration, the tease by SuperGaming is sure to create more hype for the game.