Indus Battle Royale alpha footages revealed

Published on:

Made in India battle royale title “Indus Battle Royale” has released some early game footage of the game to showcase the gameplay, world and the in-game setting. Players may get a sense of what the game will offer from the alpha footage.

The alpha gameplay footage shows the in-game setting with all the classic customization including controls, gameplay, HUD layout, sensitivity, graphics, and audio. There are a lot of quality of life option in the game setting like aim assist and auto loot system.

Players with older devices can also easily tweak the graphics in order to get the maximum performance and frames in-game. Although most serious players already play at lower setting to remove any unwanted stutters and frame drops even with high-end devices.

The starting lobby shows the player character along with player profile on the top left and other information including in-game currency on the top right. Battle Royale, Free Roam, and Firing Range were currently the accessible game types on the bottom right.

The players are all transported to the lobby at the start of the match, similar to BGMI or Free Fire. The start of the match directly sends all players into skydive, but considering this is an alpha build, the final release may get a drop-ship to help in planning the drop area.

Gameplay wise, it looks like a mash-up between Apex Legends and Free Fire, although it looks more inspired by the former in many ways. In other news, servers for Apex Legend mobile were soon announced to be shutting down by the developers on May 1, 2023.

The movement and performance for now seems stable. Fans of Apex might find a new and interesting game to start again. There are loot boxes around the map with weapons and ammo. The shooting also seems flawless for an alpha build and gives a promising view for the upcoming updates for the game.

The game have already crossed one million pre-registrations and have created interest from game developers all over the world. Popular gaming publisher Bandian Namco has also invested in the developers of Indus Battle Royale “SuperGaming”.