FanCode collaborates with Google Cloud to provide enhanced live sports streaming experience

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FanCode, a sports streaming and commerce platform, has partnered with Google Cloud to enhance its service. The company aims to use the cloud service to “build a data-driven approach towards fan engagement” and for “enhancing the distribution of mainstream sports content at scale and forging deeper relationships with fans”.

The company is a subsidiary of Dream Sports, which also owns one of the most popular fantasy sports platforms, Dream11. Founded back in 2019, the sports streaming service claims to have more than 2.5 million users.

One of the popular sporting events that it streamed using Google Cloud’s services was the India-West Indies cricket series last year. The streaming platform will also employ MediaCDN to give users access to streaming content regardless of where they are physically located.

“The media and entertainment industry is undergoing a huge disruption with the rise of direct-to-consumer models. Live sports streaming forms the cornerstone of digital viewing habits today, and users have more choices than ever with multiple content formats and platforms to engage with. Beyond content, it’s the technology experience that gives us the edge, and we are glad to partner with Google Cloud to build this for our users,” said Yannick Colaco, co-founder of FanCode, as quoted by The Times of India.

Managing director of Google Cloud India, Bikram Singh Bedi, also spoke about the collaboration.

“India’s streaming video market is in a steep growth phase and is expected to more than double in size by 2027. I believe we have only scratched the surface when it comes to exploring investments in fast-emerging areas like immersive content, interactive experiences, and the convergence of media with other areas like commerce and gaming. We are excited to work with FanCode to take the viewing experience for sports fans to the next level,” he said.