SuperGaming collaborates with Google Cloud to assist developers in creating better games

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The Pune-based game development firm, SuperGaming announced on November 24 that it will be bringing its game engine SuperPlatform in collaboration with Google Cloud to game developers worldwide to help them create better games.

The platform will function as an independent software provider on Google Cloud and will be made available to game creators as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model.

The company claims that the platform aims to provide the option to manage live operations, matchmaking, player progression, player data, analytics, monetization systems, server scaling, sales, and merchandising while being able to integrate very well with other game development platforms like Unity and Unreal Engine.

The company also stated that Web2 features will also be available, including features like economy management, smart contracts, wallet support, and multi-chain support.

Currently, an Indian Battle Royale title called “Indus” is being developed using SuperPlatform, and the registration for the game is planned for later this year.

Other gaming titles include a social deduction title, “Silly Royale,” tower defense game called “Tower Conquest,” and the official PAC-MAN game, which currently has over a billion downloads. According to the company, all of these games will run on Google Cloud under the new partnership.

SuperGaming co-founder Roby John said, “The SuperPlatform is at the core of what makes our games tick. It’s been made by game developers, for game developers, and after years of iteration, finesse, and supporting some marquee games like PAC-MAN, we felt it’s the right time to share it with more game developers.”

“Google Cloud’s reach, technical expertise, and best-in-class infrastructure made it an obvious choice as our partner to bring this to market,” John added.

Managing director for Google Cloud in India, Bikram Singh Bedi, said, “With Google Cloud’s infrastructure that enables developers to build at scale and SuperGaming’s pedigree in gaming, we can really drive impact and innovation and see more games come out of India.”

India is now one of the biggest hubs for cloud services and an important market for big firms like Google and Amazon, which have been investing in this sector for the last few months.