9 scandals that rocked the gambling industry

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Gambling has long been an activity for hopeful risk-takers willing to test their luck. But over the years, numerous deceitful players have tried to cheat the gambling industry, managing to scam millions of dollars. While some of them managed to evade the watchful eyes of casino security for years, the vast majority found their way to a prison cell.

Historically, casinos in Las Vegas and beyond have been cheated for millions of dollars by cunning lawbreakers, who found methods to stride away with big winnings they did not win by luck or skill. Here is a look at nine of the biggest and most famous gambling industry scandals that shocked the world.

1) Tommy Glenn Carmichael – Slot machine hacking

Tommy Glenn Carmichael, one of the most notorious convicts in gambling history, spent over two decades manipulating and cheating money from a Las Vegas casino by hacking a slot machine. From tricking the machine into releasing a jackpot to inventing a “light wand” that could blind a slot machine’s sensor and trick the machine into spitting out coins, Carmichael improvised his methods as slot machine technology improved. He was caught by the FBI in 2001 and spent 326 days in prison along with three years’ probation. Additionally, he was also banned from entering casinos.