A23 launches new campaign with brand ambassador Shah Rukh Khan

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On Monday (August 29), A23 (Head Digital Works) revealed that Shah Rukh Khan would continue to serve as the brand ambassador for their new advertising campaign. Through the initiative, the brand hopes to highlight the value of responsible gaming while showcasing its overall gaming capabilities in a fun and accessible way for everyone.

Meanwhile, the new advertisement features Shah Rukh Khan as the “Badshah” of rummy and draws the attention of over four crore gamers on A23. These films also feature numerous versions of rummy that are playable on A23. To further emphasize its statement and the brand’s belief in playing responsibly and ethically, A23 is also releasing the second iteration of its “Responsible Gaming” commercials.

“We have received a lot of love and acceptance from the audience on our platform over our journey and this would not have been possible without the way we positioned our brand. Today, as flag bearers of skill-based gaming in India, we believe it is imperative to reiterate the importance of responsible gaming from time to time to ensure that players are mindful of the amount of time and money they spend on our platform. This new set of advertisements is yet another step towards re-enforcing our brand’s message,” Deepak Gullapalli, founder and CEO, Head Digital Works, was quoted by Financial Express.

By instructing consumers on the actions, players must take to control their game time, money spent, and other factors while playing. The promotional films concentrate on the “how” of responsible gaming. These videos will be available in several regional languages.

On the backdrop of Sunday’s India-Pakistan Asia Cup match, the first round of advertising was broadcast live to the general public. All significant, conventional and digital platforms hosted the brand’s ads. In the first few weeks of September, the second advertisement showcasing the attributes of rummy will be released.

“I am delighted that A23 has continued to build on its responsible gaming messaging in this campaign as well. We are still the only brand in this space to champion this cause and A23 will continue to drive this point home,” Shahrukh Khan stated.