Pakistan test skipper Shan Masood declines to promote illegal online gambling brand

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Pakistan’s Test captain, Shan Masood, currently leading Yorkshire in English County cricket, has opted out of promoting the illegal online gambling company, Dafabet, reported BDCricktime. Masood’s decision means that the logo of Dafabet will not appear on the neckline of his shirt during matches.

Yorkshire recently entered into a two-year partnership agreement with Dafabet, which included placing the organization’s emblem on the uniforms of all cricket format participants. However, Masood, in line with his personal beliefs and respecting the regulations in his home country Pakistan, chose not to endorse the betting company, reported CricketPakistan.

The use of surrogate advertising, a method of brand promotion that avoids explicit mention of prohibited activities, is strictly regulated in Pakistan. Earlier, Dafabet had endorsed Pakistan cricket under the banner “Dafa News” but was prohibited from doing so due to these regulations.

This decision by Masood reflects a broader trend among cricketers to abstain from endorsements with alcohol and gambling companies. Multan Sultans captain, Mohammad Rizwan, also took a similar stance during the Pakistan Super League (PSL) by using stickers to cover the controversial logo.

Masood communicated his decision to Yorkshire authorities, who respected his choice and honored his request not to promote the betting company. The English Cricket Board (ECB) and county teams have shown deep respect for the religious beliefs of non-English players, acknowledging their right to refrain from endorsing certain products or services based on personal or cultural reasons.

Former South African opener, Hashim Amla, stands as a prominent figure among players who have declined endorsements with alcohol and gambling companies in the past. Masood’s decision adds to this trend, highlighting the importance of personal values and cultural considerations in celebrity sponsorship and advertising.