Alleged bookie Mallikarjun in line to run for Karnataka assembly elections on BJP ticket

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Mallikarjun alias Fighter Ravi, a BJP politician along with the party, is now being criticized by Congress on social media. Mallikarjun is currently a ticket aspirant from the Nagamangala Assembly constituency.

He has claimed that all his actions of taking illegal bets were in the past. “It was an opportunity given by the BJP to receive the Prime Minister, and it was a proud moment of my life. While all of my cases have been quashed, some people still try to taint my image. I received him when he entered the city with my party members,” he said.

Congress party members said that the opposition is now taking people with criminal records in the party. Mallikarjun, also known as Fighter Ravi, was arrested in 2011 by the Bangalore Central Crime Branch (CCB) in a raid.

When he was called Fighter Ravi, Mallikarjun was one of the active people taking illegal bets. Due to his activities, the Karnataka police had several cases booked against him under the Karnataka Police Act.

During the raid, the Officials found paperwork with the bettors’ personal information, a Maruti Swift, and a Land Cruiser in addition to Rs 20 lakh in cash allegedly gathered from gamblers, 25 mobiles, three laptops, a modem, and ten sim cards.

Mallikarjun joined BJP in 2022, with one of the ministers justifying his joining the party. As a cricket betting participant, Mallikarjuna had numerous cases filed against him following the Karnataka Police Act.

His last arrest was in 2018; since then, he has kept quiet. Due to his links with politicians from different parties, he has allegedly avoided arrest in several other cases in the past. Mallikarjun was also charged with violating the Prevention of Money Laundering Act.