Anbumani Ramadoss urges Supreme Court stay against online gambling

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Anbumani Ramadoss, President of BAMA, has emphasized the urgency of obtaining a stay from the Supreme Court against online gambling due to concerns over youth addiction, reported the Tamil newspaper Dinamani.

Ramadoss’s statement follows the tragic suicide of Kannan, a young resident of Thiruchengode Circle, Namakkal district, who succumbed to the lure of online gambling, leaving behind his dependent wife and 5-year-old child. ABP Live reported about Ramadoss’s condolences to Kannan’s family, Ramadoss highlighted the dire consequences of unregulated online gambling, which has claimed three lives in the past two months alone.

Despite the Madras High Court’s ruling in November last year, which declared the Online Gambling Prohibition Act inapplicable to skill-based games like rummy and poker, online gambling activities have continued. Ramadoss emphasized the revival of addiction among youths, leading to financial ruin and outcomes such as suicide.

The recent deaths include Saravanan, a teacher from Tiruparangundra, who took his own life on January 4, followed by Chaitanya, an Air Force veteran from Madambakkam, Chennai, on January 7. Chaitanya was in debt after losing substantial amounts in online gambling, and tragically lost his life, leaving behind a bereaved family.

Ramadoss stressed the urgent need for legislative action, recalling the ban on online gambling in 2020 following a spate of suicides. Despite efforts to reintroduce prohibition through the Tamil Nadu Online Gambling Prohibition Act 2022, the High Court’s ruling has allowed online gambling to thrive, posing a grave threat to the state’s youth.

Ramadoss urged the Tamil Nadu government to expedite efforts to appeal the High Court’s decision in the Supreme Court and reinstate the ban on online gambling. Expressing disappointment over the government’s inaction, he emphasized that it’s important to prioritise the well-being of the state’s youth over bureaucratic delays.

Stating that online rummy companies capitalize on the legal loophole, offering lucrative cash prizes and organizing high-stakes tournaments, Ramadoss warned of the heightened risk posed to vulnerable individuals. He implored the government to intensify its efforts to safeguard youth from the perils of online gambling by seeking legal recourse in the Supreme Court.

Ramadoss also called upon the Tamil Nadu government to demonstrate proactive leadership and provide adequate compensation to the families of victims like Mambatti Kannan.