Assets of 120 accused of Mahadev Book App set to be seized

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Illegal betting app Mahadev Book’s promoters, along with more than 120 accused individuals, have been arrested in connection with the case. Information regarding the assets of the accused is being gathered from municipal corporations, revenue departments, and sub-registrar offices. The assets of those accused who are listed as fugitives will be seized. Meanwhile, the information regarding the assets of the remaining accused will be kept safe for potential future use.

As reported by Nai Duniya, when the Durg Police initiated action against Mahadev Book, the panels of Mahadev Book were also dismantled from various districts of Chhattisgarh as well as many other states. In a series of actions, the police arrested more than 120 accused individuals. Initially, since there wasn’t a new Gambling Act from the state government, actions were taken under the old Gambling Act, which also benefited the accused.

Under the Gambling Act, the accused were often released on bail from the police station itself. Actions were also taken against some major players under serious charges like fraud and IT Act violations. Following the police action, when agencies like the Enforcement Directorate (ED) began their investigation, many individuals previously untouched by the police were revealed to be involved. The ED conducted searches at the homes of several individuals, and even a soldier, Bhim Singh, from Durg district, was arrested in a gambling case.

After the declaration of the founders as absconders by the court, there has been renewed activity in the police’s actions. The police have begun preparing profiles of all previously arrested accused individuals. Information regarding the registered properties of the accused is being gathered from revenue departments, municipal corporations, and sub-registrar offices to facilitate future action if needed.

Initiating action, the key figures under discussion are:

Nasimuddin: Nasimuddin, operating a shop named Arzu Medical on 18 Number Road in Camp-1, faced significant police action. It was claimed that he was a direct contact of Mahadev Book’s promoter and was facilitating people in obtaining access to online gambling panels. Saddam, a resident of Fareed Nagar, was also arrested by the police from Ambikapur. After the initial action, the police caught him again while he was heading to Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand. He was going to install Mahadev Book’s panel there, another significant event related to Mahadev Book. Satnam Singh, a resident of Vaishali Nagar, surrendered to the police in a dramatic fashion. He claimed to have operated a panel in the past but shut it down after suffering losses. When the ED team raided his house, it was revealed that he was directly associated with Mahadev Book. Bhim Singh Yadav, a Durg Police constable was arrested by the ED. He is currently held in jail. After the arrest, Durg SP Jitendra Shukla dismissed Bhim Singh Yadav and his brother Constable Arjun Singh Yadav. Bhim’s younger brother Sahadev is also a constable and is also in direct contact with the operators of Mahadev Book.

ASP City Abhishek Jha stated that information regarding the assets of all accused individuals associated with Mahadev Book is being collected. Information is being extracted from municipal corporations, revenue departments, and registrar offices.