Bihar: Man injured after being shot at for protesting against gambling

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A man protesting against gambling was shot and hospitalized earlier by some criminals in Bhagalpur. The police have registered a case and started their investigation in order to catch the criminals.

The person was protesting against illegal gambling by a group of people in Surkhirkal locality. Angered by the person’s protest, the gamblers opened fire towards him. One of the bullets hit his stomach, injuring him.

The locals gathered and quickly took him to the hospital. The injured person is under treatment at the Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College Hospital.

After getting information of the incident, officers from Barari police station quickly reached the spot and started investigation. The daughter of the injured protester informed the police about the gamblers that shot her father.

According to the locals the gamblers asked the person for money to take part in illegal gambling and when the person refused and protested against it, they shot at him.

The police have reported this incident and are currently investigating it. People in the neighborhood are angry as a result of this tragedy and are pleading with the police to apprehend the offenders as quickly as possible.

The local people have been assured by the police that the criminals will soon be apprehended and will be put behind bars.

A similar case of violence during gambling occurred around a month ago in Manipur. The police had arrived at the Khurai Lamlong market where a gambling match was taking place. On being told to stop, the gamblers got angry and snatched away two AKs from the policemen.

After being convinced by the village elders, the gamblers returned the weapons back to the police. No arrests were made towards anyone during this incident.