Manipur: Angry gamblers snatch AK rifles from police during raid in Imphal East

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Local gamblers in Imphal, Manipur snatched AK rifles from policemen at the Khurai Lamlong market after a police squad tried to intervene in their gambling match. The gamblers later returned the weapons back to the police.

According to a report in the Times of India (TOI), the incident took place on Monday night at the market situated in the Imphal East district when a group of local people were enjoying a local dice gambling game called “Lagao Khouba”. These types of games are pretty popular in the region during Diwali.

The police reached the market where the game was taking place and tried to stop the organized gambling game in two patrol jeeps. The locals partaking in the game got angry when told to stop by the police which led to a heated argument between the gamblers and the policemen.

During the argument two AK rifles were forcefully taken by the gamblers from the police but after some time they were returned when the elders and women from the village convinced the gamblers to do so. Currently, no arrests have been made against anyone involved in the case according to the reports.

According to the Imphal Free Press a source said that the game is played everywhere in Imphal around Diwali time, and even when police patrols frequently discourage people from playing it, these games continue till late at night. The locals encourage the game, however children are not allowed to play.

As the games usually go on late at night nuisance is created in the form of noise but when people complain to the police they usually come but take no action, and instead, leave after collecting “tax”, the source said.

The source added that similar cases happen every year and the government should take necessary steps to stop it as Lagao is a type of gambling which is also illegal.